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With our Bitcoin rate calculators you can convert Bitcoin value to all major currencies and vice versa. Just select your favorite currency and enter any amount to see the current prices. We support US dollar, Euro, Pound Stirling, Russian Ruble, South African Rand, Korean Wong, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Canadian - , Australian and New Zealand Dollar.

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Bitcoin to US Dollar

  BTC = 11,683.22 USD

US Dollar to Bitcoin

  USD = 0.08559284 BTC


Bitcoin to Ethereum

  BTC = 29.89632739

Ethereum to Bitcoin

   = 33.44892458 BTC


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Bitcoin Info
BitcoinCurrent price$11,683.22
24hr volume$17394132235

Alltime High$20,089.002017-12-17
Alltime Low$65.532013-07-05